Christopher Patton

I'm a cryptography engineer at Cloudflare Research. Most of my work also takes place in the IETF: I contributed to the design of the Encrypted Client Hello extension for TLS; I participate in the CFRG research group; and I'm leading a significant amount of work in the PPM working group, which aims to bring MPC to bear on user measurement. I'm also helping with Cloudflare's post-quantum transition.

I finished my PhD in 2020 under Tom Shrimpton at the University of Florida. My thesis focused on bridging the gap between the proven security of cryptographic protocols and their security in the real world. I began my crypto education with Phil Rogaway at the University of California, Davis, where I earned my master's and bachelor's. I interned on the Crypto team at Cloudflare (SF) during the summer of 2018. I've done two internships at Google, the first on the Cloud Security team (KIR, 2015) and the second on the Chrome Protector team (MON, 2016).